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What type of content is made available?
We have tastefully chosen content that would cater to the widest user base. It includes regularly updated music, images and video content featuring both erotic and non-erotic content.
Can I incorporate my own content?
Of course, you can bring in your own tailored content. The content would not be visible to othe Mobimex partners. You can share the content and monetize on your own volition.
Do you have ready to use mobile portals?
We have customized, editable and updatable mobile portals ready for your use.
What does it take to advertise my mobile portal?
The mobile portals have their unique IDs and promotable URLs. The ID is referred for monitoring traffic and billing customers. CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per accusation) can be opted for to drive traffic through mobile advertising. You can also opt for SMS marketing broadcast.
Which countries fall under your operational ambit?
Austria, Switzerland, Germany, UK, South Africa, Kenya. Other markets are progressively being brought under our fold.
What does it take to advertise my mobile portal in other media?
You will be provided with a short number that can be combined with varied keywords. Also, you can classify campaigns for analyzing traffic and sales.
Is technical expertise required for creating a mobile portal?
No, we give you access to our web software which can be used with your web browser for selecting the content and arranging it in a manner that deems most appropriate to you.
Can the white label web portal be used as my company page?
Yes, it is your property. You can freely promote through this page.
How does billing mechanism function?
The payout is network operator dependent and has a lead time of 1-2 month at the conclusion of the given month.
How do I start?
Get in touch with us and we will provide you with a partner account. No waiting. Start your promotion on the very day you would contact us. We would extend all possible cooperation to you and help you optimize your budget and sales
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With Single account youhave access to multiple services and products for your mobile business.This will save you time and money.With Single account you have access to multiple services and products for your mobile business. This will save you time and money.
Mobimex Business Mobile Platform is a versatile solution for end users with the spectrum of services encompassing generating personalized image and video content, broadcasting SMS directly to end users, diverting mobile traffic to own portal etc. It is a one stop destination for entire array of mobile needs.
Smart Money Payment Gateway Service. A web-based service that allows your online business to accept transactions through Smart Money as mode of payment.Mobimex peovides smart payment option that lets you to use your cash to pay, play or send money online safely and securely.
Good networking saves money and builds beneficial relations. From their positive partnership, the two organisations made the decision to move into new premises together which meant sharing information, skills and office costs!