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2 Way Sms
What do you mean by 2Way SMS“?
2Way SMS utilizes the same technology as that of Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS does not allow response acceptance from customers. With 2Way, you can receive the response of the recipient on your platform. This service can be used for conducting enquires, doing surveys or ensuring that the SMS has been delivered to the intended recipient. 2WaySMS offers other exciting features that can be beneficial for your business. Taking the example of an automobile agency would elucidate the case.
If a new car model has been launched, the agency owner would want his esteemed list customers to test drive the same. The representative would broadcast a 2way SMS to the chosen list of customers. Those customers who would be interested in booking an appointment for test drive would send back their consent through return SMS. Next, the representative would send invitation to the customers to appear for test drive at designated time. Apart from assured delivery, the relatively inexpensive service can be received and responded to easily.
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With Single account youhave access to multiple services and products for your mobile business.This will save you time and money.With Single account you have access to multiple services and products for your mobile business. This will save you time and money.
Mobimex Business Mobile Platform is a versatile solution for end users with the spectrum of services encompassing generating personalized image and video content, broadcasting SMS directly to end users, diverting mobile traffic to own portal etc. It is a one stop destination for entire array of mobile needs.
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